Maxwell at Toyota Center

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Toyota Center | Houston, Texas

There's nothing quite as breathtaking as a night of breathtaking R&B. The most awesome live R&B performances in recent memory are coming to blow you away this Friday! Maxwell will be performing live at the world famous Toyota Center in Houston on Friday 4th March 2022. No better way to spend a Friday evening! You must not miss this one, so order your tickets today! Tickets are on sale now. Any fan of Maxwell, or R&B for that matter, will tell you they are known for their music, unique style, and stage presence. This event is guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable experience for anyone who comes. So make sure you bring your friends and a camera to snap some memories!

Sure, we all enjoy good music everywhere, but nothing beats up experiencing it live. On Friday 4th March 2022 Houston is about to heat up and become the hottest spot for world-class R&B in Texas. The internationally renowned Maxwell will make a stop at the city and they’ve picked the best place for this. As any fan in the know from this area will agree, when it comes to delivering the premier live R&B performances, Toyota Center cuts the perfect figure. From the moment you enter the doors you’ll notice everything is crafted with a punctilious attention to detail. A-class sound system, exclusive acoustics delivering the tunes even to the furthest corner, and clean sightlines all secure a remarkable viewing experience. At Toyota Center you’ll have no trouble seeing what makes it the favourite place in Houston for an outstanding night out.

Maxwell at Toyota Center

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